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Stay Away From Free NDS Roms!

Written by Toni

Are you desperately searching for free ds downloads, ds roms, emulators, homebrew ds games and ds isos? If you are, this might be the most shocking review you’ll ever read.

It is a known fact that free ds game download sites are one of the main sources of viruses, adware, trojans and malicious code.

Are you looking for quality, unlimited downloads for ds games, roms, isos, emulators and homebrew games? Well if you are, I can ensure you that this might be the only review site you should ever trust on!

I have been downloading games for years and in the recent year the amount of infected files downloaded from free ds games downlaod sites has increased drastically. In fact 7 out of 10 games I downloaded were infected with malicious code.

Stay Away From Free DS Download Sites – I Have Warned You!

Just start a search on your favotite search engine for free ds downloads and you will be presented with tons of free ds downloads. If you are lucky you download one of the free ds games and it works perfectly. However, chances are even bigger that the download does not work at all, the ds game is unplayable or even worse, you infect your computer with adware, viruses or spyware.

However, in most cases webmasters cannot be blamed for uploading these free DS games. They are just uploading the files and are not the ones stuffing malicious code in it. You need to blame mean hackers! So be aware that you are putting your computer at high risk when downloading free ds games! Did your mother tell you that there is no free meal in the world. Well, she is right! Webmaster of free ds download sites do this in the spare time and do not get paid for it. They definitely can’t spend numerous hours checking each file.

I have reviewed 15 of the most popular Nintendo DS download sites online and the sad truth is: Most of them are craps or a scam. Why? Either games are infected with viruses, the download of the game did not start at all or the downloaded game did not work.

The good news is: I ended up with 2 DS download sites that are reliable, safe and offer unlimited DS downloads for the rest of your life. They also have a support team that is there to answer your questions and guide you through the process of downloading DS games and transferring them to your DS.

Both sites offer the following:

* Small one time payment for unlimited lifetime access- No ridiculous monthly subscription or additional payment needed.
* Enormous games database – At Least 200,000 workable ds, dsi and ds lite games, roms, iso, emulators, movies and MP3s which can be played in your console once they are downloaded

* 24/7 support feature – 24/7 standby supporting you whenever you need help.

* Lightning fast download speed – Spend only few minutes to half an hour to get your games downloaded.

* Full Refund Policy- 100% 30 days refund policy without questions to ensure your satisfaction.


NDS Roms

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Ok! So who is the winner? It is PocketDownloadCenter! I really like the outlook of this site because it certainly look professionally done, clean and promising.

Download Ds Games From Pocket Download Center
So how about the service? Let’s get into the details, Pocket Download Center has a considerable big database- Over 150,000 files which include Nintendo DS roms, games, movies, musics and softwares which are workable. And from what I have noticed so far, they keep updating their database frequently. New DS games are added all the time.
Another thing I have noticed is that download speed is lightning fast. So no need to spend hours downloading a single game! (It takes me in average 20 minutes to download a game)

I also tested customer support and got a reply in some hours. Pretty good!

Even a total internet newbie who knows nothing about downloads can get his games downloaded by just following the step-by-step tutorials created by these guys.

All in all, what makes their service so darn good is because all the ds games downloads are all compatible with ANY versions of Nintendo DS, Lite and Dsi.

Now, as I have said earlier, a good Nintendo DS download site should provide a 100% refund policy to its customers, and that’s exactly what Unlimited DS Download is doing – You can simply ask your money back within the first 30 days if you are not satisfied with their service!

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Unlimited DS Downloads

I have to admit Unlimited DS Downloads is almost as good as PocketdownloadCenter. The only reasons why it is No.2 is the fact that I had to wait one day when contacting their support stuff.

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Download Ds Games From Unlimited Ds Download

Price:  $34.95 for unlimited access
In addition their homepage does not look that nice, clean, and professional. But in the end, who cares what they homepage looks if the service provided is great?!

The price for lifetime access to Unlimited DS Download is $34.95. So it is a little bit cheaper than PocketDownloadCenter. I have to admit that $34.95 is an incredible value if you take into consideration that you will get unlimited DS games downloads for the rest of your life!

Their members area is easy to navigate and you can easily find the files you’d like to download.
You can choose from over 150,000 Ds downloads (Nintendo DS roms, games, movies, musics and softwares )

Another great thing is that DS Downloads updates their database extremely often and I personally experienced that the very latest DS games were available for download within 2 days after release.

Of course Unlimited DS Downloads comes with a 100% 30-Day money back guarantee.

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